Camping 360 Degree

It’s a welcome break from the stresses of daily life. Living in a tent in the midst of dense forests offers a unique experience, where you feel closer to nature, away from the hustle bustle, noise and pollution of the city. There is nothing more fun & relaxing than lying under the clear skies and gazing at the stars, or sleeping in the tent, listening to the sound of the river gushing by. At such moments, we hear, see and think about things that we would not even notice otherwise. Add to this camping activities like bon fire, singing and dancing, and you have a vacation that will get you addicted!! You will come back again and again, and that’s a guarantee!!

Himalayan Adventure Camps

1st June - 10th June
Activity Based Camp Manali -Solang valley
Age - 10 years and above

Himalayan Treks

8th June - 17th June
Bhrigu Lake Trek
Age - 15 years and above

Nature Camps

Experience a unique combination of adventure with wildlife this monsoon in our Nature camps.

Weekend Camps

Get a short break from your daily routine at nearby places.